Services climadiff

When choosing your wine cabinet, you must consider the fact that you will entrust it with bottles that you will collect patiently and which represent a real emotional and economic investment: their total value may indeed very largely exceed the cost of the appliance. and this value will increase over time! It would therefore be illusory and risky to wish to economise by choosing "entry price" products or non-specialist brands offering appliances derived from refrigerators not designed for this purpose.

  • Quality controls and standards

    Climadiff is a manufacturer that takes great care with quality

    - Factories are certified ISO
    - The products undergo the most demanding tests and controls according to precise protocols :

    . Checks for leaks
    . Electric safety tests on 100% of the products
    . All the products work during one hour
    . A production line remains in test during one night
    . Visual monitoring
    . Checks on the horizontality of the shelves
    . Closing controls
    . Light
    . Handmade cleaning
    . Protective packing

    All our products meet current European standards. Each unit has its own identity number and its signification plate. Thus, we prove its production cycle.